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When is the best time to service, or replace my equipment?

  Every season comes with the use of different HVAC equipment in your home. To avoid long waits during busy seasons this list will help you make an appointment to perform preventative maintenance on your equipment, before you are left with out heat or cooling. 

Heating Season

When should I get my furnace cleaned for the season?                    August and September are the best times to schedule a cleaning. The temperature stays at a comfortable level that you will be Okay until your appointment. 

How often does my furnace need cleaned? The best rule to follow is to get your furnace cleaned annually. Cleaning your system annually helps prevent equipment issues and build up of carbon, dust, etc on your equipment and in you ducts. 

  • I just turned my furnace on for the first time this year, why do I smell burning? Your equipment gets dust and particles in it while it sits during the summer. The burning you smell for the first few minutes during fire up is those particles burning off. This is harmless and the smell will dissipate.

Cooling Season

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